Smart Insurtech — Solving low customer adoption rates

I helped achieve a 41% increase in customers’ adoption of a new business model by designing a workflow for car insurance brokers. For that, the team and I streamlined the contract processing through standardized data sets and automation.


A newly designed module of the platform based on continuous UX research that helped increase customer adoption rate by 41% within a month after the release.

Improving manual workflows for insurance brokers

Our target customers for the web platform were insurance brokers managing small to midsize agencies.
We’ve learnt that brokers wanted to provide optimal consulting experience for clients but were overwhelmed by manual routines and couldn’t serve all clients effectively.
Autumn poses the biggest challenge as car insurance tariffs increase, requiring brokers to prioritize the search for better contract conditions while dealing with paperwork and inconsistent, irrelevant data.
Script for user testing

My role

As the Product Designer, I worked along with the Product Manager, three Full-Stack Developers and Lead Software Engineer to iterate on potential solutions to reduce manual work of the brokers.
My job was to plan and conduct interview sessions with users to define minimally necessary data set, elaborate designs based on research findings, and test solutions with users.
Research findings and paper wireframe

4 months to streamline brokers’ processes

To address upcoming customer challenges and to seize business opportunity, our management pushed for a quick value delivery.
Intensive user research and careful prioritization allowed us to focus on technically feasible solutions immediately empowering customers. Short, but regular user interviews incorporated into sprints was a game changer for our process, minimizing testing rounds.
UI design showing default state of the feature
UI design showing feature filters and expanded data table

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